Dear customer, many thanks for your trust!

The TruckOn platform will be discontinued


Thanks for your trust!

Dear user, Thanks for visiting. We regret to inform you that the TruckOn platform will cease operations by the end of 2020, effectively on December 31st, 2020. Unfortunately, further investments required to ensure a sustainable solution, have been restricted due to the economic situation in the automobile industry. We would like to thank you for your trust and support and apologize for the inconvenience caused by this cancellation.

Sincerely, The TruckOn team


Manage your calendar and keep track of all your bookings at any time. Offer new services and create promotions for your customers in minutes.

TruckOn is a digital booking platform for truck services – straightforward, efficient and secure.

As an auto repair shop, you can offer your services conveniently online and win new customers. Put your various services, such as tachograph inspection or tire and wheel repair services, on TruckOn, receive bookings around the clock and keep track of all your deadlines at all times.
As a fleet, book Europe-wide services, optimize your processes and save valuable time. If you require a particular repair or maintenance service on your planned route, find and book a suitable auto repair shop and service directly via TruckOn.


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As a platform of Continental and thanks to our strong partners in the industry, such as RepXpert, Vergölst and VDO, TruckOn is on its way to becoming the most important booking platform for independent auto repair shops throughout Europe. Benefit from many additional services relating to maintenance of trucks on the road.


TruckOn connects fleets and auto repair shops.

Rely on TruckOn


TruckOn is straightforward, convenient and time-saving, significantly reducing your administrative burden. Keep track of your bookings at all times, everywhere and in real time with an easy-to-use dashboard. Respond immediately to changes and make sure that your planning is always optimized


TruckOn automates and digitalizes your processes, both internal and external. It makes previously difficult tasks and complicated processes significantly clearer. It saves you time that you can then invest in your personal success. Your working day will become more efficient, more productive and less susceptible to error.


With TruckOn, you can rely on our unique experience, expertise and dependability. You have full control over your activities at all times. For instance, our rating system ensures absolute transparency and is used by fleets to select a suitable auto repair shop.

These partners travel in the fast lane with TruckOn.

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